Jessica Kissinger, PhD

Jessica Kissinger's PortraitJoint-PI

University of Georgia
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Travis Glenn, PhD

Travis Glenn's PortraitJoint-PI

University of Georgia
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Travis Glenn is Director of the Institute of Bioinformatics and a Professor in the Department of Environmental Health Science in the College of Public Health at UGA. He develops and uses genomic tools to address problems at the interface of evolutionary biology, molecular ecology, and public health - through the perspective of OneHealth.

Michael Grigg, PhD

Michael Grigg's PortraitCo-Investigator

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
National Institutes of Health

Asis Khan, PhD

Asis Khan's PortraitCo-Investigator

Agricultural Research Service
United States Department of Agriculture

Natalia Bayona Vasquez, PhD

Natalia Bayona Vasquez's PortraitAssistant Professor
Oxford College of Emory University​

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My research interests are in molecular ecology and genomics at various levels in organisms that are relevant in conservation and environmental sciences. The ecological llevels of the questions I am interested go from kinship relationships all the way to interactions between communities. These topics cover disciplines such as popgen, phylogeography, and phylogenetics. I have been lucky to study a wide array of species from bacteria and fungi to insects and big vertebrates, all with genomic data.

Rodrigo de Paula Baptista, PhD

Rodrigo de Paula Baptista's Portrait Research Scientist

Houston Methodist Research Institute

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